WARNING: This isn't your typical diversity speaker.

Waiting to be “good enough” stops people and organization in their tracks on the way to success. Good Enough Now isn't about not striving for excellence, but getting over our excuses so that we can begin to try.  Through a background in stand-up comedy and professional speaking, expert facilitation skills, and well-tested adult education consulting, Jessica Pettitt guides groups to challenge assumptions, engage in tough conversations, move past excuses, and get things done NOW.

Whether you need diversity training, a social justice workshop, policy development, or high level change or crisis management consulting, Jessica Pettitt propels people from vision to action.

This was the best 8 hour meeting ever and I’ve been to a lot. Seriously, you have a gift and we look forward to working with you again — in any capacity.
— Rhett Snider, Vice President, Von Housen Automotive Group, Mercedes Benz


Corporate social responsibility? Social justice facilitation? Diversity trainings? Policy development? A firm handshake or a big laugh?

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With over a decade in the business of stirring up important conversations, Jess knows a thing or two about making change. She's funny - with a point.

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