This training was so validating. I’m more OK knowing what I don’t know, like all the ins and outs of pan, omni, etc. Being a good ally is more about my attitude, thanks for helping me realize this!
— Workshop Participant, Humboldt County Dept of Health and Human Services


For more than a decade, Jessica Pettitt has been educating people to support and embrace a more diverse environment. Her social justice and diversity curricula are used nationwide. This background uniquely qualifies her to educate employers on building welcoming, productive, and innovative teams. The ability to communicate, listen, learn, take responsibility, acquire and retain talent and resources will lead to and maintain a welcoming, and dare we say, fun workplace environment. This has a direct impact on your bottom line NOW.

As a facilitator, she provides the framework for open, welcoming, and productive conversation. Whether she provides a motivational keynote, an in-depth workshop, facilitates group interaction, or frames an entire conference as emcee, Jessica brings humor, a high level of understanding of adult learning, and an ability to engage participants and encourage them to engage with each other. Participants walk away focused and confident in their role to make change now.

What are people are saying about Jess?

LOVED this speaker and this session. Jessica did a phenomenal job of keeping her audience engaged and involved while teaching us about respect and how to handle tough conversations.
— American Society of Association Executives Conference Participant, "Conversations That Matter" keynote
Jess was fantastic! She is brilliant at what she does and is super engaging. Her ability to have deep conversations with a large group of people is amazing. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a speaker on Social Justice topics/issues.
— Matt Bruno, Program Coordinator, GLBTA Resource Center, Washington, DC
Jess is one of the most collaborative partners I have had the pleasure of working with. Not only is she knowledgeable, Jess is truly committed to and believes in the work she does. Jess has been a resource, advisor, and sounding board. Her commitment to education is clear, and I look forward to calling her a professional colleague and partner for years to come.
— Albert Kotchish, Associate Director of Chapter Development, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity
You have no idea the impact you’ve made on me. You’ve given me back a love of this field & showed me one person’s words can shake a room full of hearts.
— Testimonial from LeaderShape UGA