Change happens. And furthermore, it happens suddenly and often without preparation. Jessica's crisis and change management consulting services will provide you and your team with an action plan for worst case scenarios and improved response when something does go (or is going) wrong.


Based on Jessica's TED talk, this workshop gets to the heart of crisis mode - when your organization faces a traumatic event, hate bias incident, or other shocking incident. It addresses things you can do to examine the gap between social responsibility and your company's policies. By clearly identifying both worst case scenarios with the many ideals, it is easier to identify real obstacles. Once these obstacles can be clearly named, Jess will help participants set realistic expectations , goals, policies, and response procedures to cultivate an inclusive organizational culture steeped in integrity and responsibility.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To learn to facilitate discussions around contingency plans for crises in the workplace
  • To clearly identify obstacles to an ideal working climate and facilitate change in protocol to achieve meaningful change
  • To understand how to effectively manage crisis preparation
  • To clearly define the roles of team members in proactively addressing work crisis situations